Our cocktail bar invites everybody in with its comfortable atmosphere. Here you can enjoy our broad selection of beers and wines, even in the middle of your evening walk or after your train journey. Our large terrace area by Lake Vanajavesi will offer you a relaxing moment for having a cup of coffee or a quick savory snack. Our bistro menu is also on tap at any time and the dishes vary.


Our cocktails and mocktails are by far the best you can find in Hämeenlinna! The list of drinks also changes according to the season. We avoid additives. We prepare all our juices and syrups ourselves from fresh ingredients.


We offer classic and experimental wines. We also prefer ecological, vegan and organic wines from smaller vineyards and wineries. At Vanai you are sure to find an excellent glass of wine just for socializing but you can naturally order our wines in bottles.


On our list of drinks you can discover plenty of herbal and forest flavored tonics from carefully selected domestic producers. You can also enjoy a lovely non-alcoholic tonic made of non-alcoholic distillate.


Behind our beer selection there are a few microbreweries that have already gained a lot of respect. We aim to keep the beer list versatile and for that reason we would like to find out your favorite beer. Please give us a hint. We are all ears!